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Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ)

TMJ Treatment can help to:

Relieve muscle strain and headaches due to bite problems
• Reduce unnecessary ware on teeth especially anterior teeth
• Allow for long term success and comfort in your mouth

Temporomandibular Joint Disorder, or more commonly known as TMJ is a chronic inflamation of the tempero-mandibular joint, the joint that hinges the lower jaw (mandible) to the skull. The muscles and the joints that are associated with the teeth are subject to wear, tear, and eventually will break down.

Although they are also very adaptable, ultimately people with TMJ can experience:

• Pain
• Problems with head or neck muscles
• Discomfort or pain while trying to chew
• Limited jaw opening
• Severe wear or breakdown of teeth

Both Dr. Germains have spent many years studying about bite problems at the world renowned Kois Centre, and are proud to offer to our patient’s the Kois Deprogrammer appliance.

The Kois Deprogrammer appliance can help diagnose the possible bite problem, and provide option for future treatment. As well the Deprogrammer aids the dentist in planning the optimal, most comfortable, and risk free bite when restoring many teeth.

What is the Kois Deprogrammer?

The Kois Deprogrammer appliance is a removable retainer like appliance that allows your dentist to evaluate the stability of your bite.

How does it work?

Everytime you chew or swallow, you must adapt your jaw to the best fit for your teeth. If this fit is not ideal for your jaw joint and muscles, then you are at higher risk for experiencing facial pain as well as worn, broken, or loose teeth. The Kois Deprogrammer removes the influence of your teeth from your chewing system by preventing them from inter-locking and reinforcing the position of your existing bite. This allows your lower jaw to relax into a more confortable position. Once your lower jaw has fully relaxed, your dentist will be able to provide you with treatment options for maintaining your bite in this new, more comfortable position.

How long do I need to wear my Kois Deprogrammer?

You can expect your dentist to recommend wearing the Kois Deprogrammer for up to one month. During this time it should only be taken out of your mouth while you are eating meals and cleaning your teeth.

How does my Kois Deprogrammer feel in my mouth?

The Kois Deprogrammer is designed to be as comfortable as possible. Within a few days you will likely have adapted to talking with it in your mouth. Some people initially experience soreness in their chewing muscles, which resolves as soon as those muscles relax.

If I don’t proceed with treatment after wearing the Kois Deprogrammer, will my bite remain changed?

No, your chewing system will adapt back to your original bite after a few hours of leaving the Kois Deprogrammer out of your mouth.

How do I care for my Kois Deprogrammer?

Clean your appliance everytime you clean your teeth. Gently brush your appliance with toothpaste and rinse with warm water. Any time the Kois Deprogrammer is our of your mouth, keep it in your retainer box.

How much will it change my bite? 

The change in your bite is usually very slight, although the improvement in the feel of your bite after weraring the Kois Deprogrammer can be dramatic. If you have any further questions regarding the Kois Deprogrammer, please feel free to discuss your concerns with our Dentists.