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Hygiene Services

It has been shown that prevention is one of the main factors in maintaining overall health, and of your teeth. The foundation for natural, restored, and implant supported teeth is healthy gum tissue and bone.  Without the proper oral care, over time the bacteria (plaque) will begin to build-up at the gumline and will harden producing tartar, inflamation of the gums (gingivitis), and penetrate the gum line and begin spreading into the bone (periodontitis).  Recent studies indicate that periodontitis has been associated with diabetes, heart disease, and low birth weight infants.

Our hygienists Mary, Hilary and Tracey have a combined over 60 years of dental hygiene experience, and will help to make your dental hygiene maintainence as effortless as possible.  Also, Lindsey, our certified dental assistant , who caters to the small patients at the office, is wonderful with children. Along with her magical chair, and helper Mr. Thirsty, Lindsey makes going to the dentist a fun time.

At Heritage Dental Centre, we will make every effort to help establish directly with you, an indepth, preventative, individualized home care regime to help minimize bone loss and preserve your smile for a lifetime.