Here at Heritage Dental Centre we want to be able to assist you in all aspects of your dental care.

We understand that you are going to have questions regarding dental procedures you might be or considering having done, or sometimes just being able to refer back to previously given post operative instructions sheet can be a benefit and reassuring.

Also, at your very first appointment, we would like to be able to know as much information about you as possible, so we can provide you with the absolute highest standard of dental treatment.

If you could please print off the following forms: Medical History, Dental History, as well as the Insurance Questionnaire, along with you to your dental appointment; this will provide us with important personal information about you, as well, by contacting your insurance provider and filling out the insurance questionnaire, we will be able to keep track of your dental coverage limits, and provide more accurate estimates.

So, please find below the list of pdf forms that you can quickly and conveniently download and review anytime.

Personal Information Forms

Medical History Questionnaire
Dental History Questionnaire
Insurance Information Questionnaire

Procedure Instructions

Bleaching Instructions
Deprogrammer Instructions
Viscogel Denture Reline Care Instructions
Prescription Instructions (for Extractions and Implant Surgeries)
Information on Impacted Teeth
Informed Consent and Information for Orthodontic Treatment

After Care Instructions

Root Canal Therapy Aftercare
Post Surgical Implant Aftercare
Post Operative Aftercare for Wisdom Teeth Extractions
Post Operative Aftercare for Extractions and Gum Surgery

Treatment Consent Forms

Extractions and Oral Surgery

Patient Consent and Care Package for Extraction of Wisdom Teeth (Dr. Joe Germain)
Patient Consent and Care Package for Extraction of Wisdom Teeth (Dr. Tony Bae)
Patient Consent for Oral Surgery (Dr. Joe Germain)
Patient Consent for Oral Surgery (Dr. Tony Bae)

Complete and Partial Dentures

Complete Dentures
Complete Dentures with 2 or 4 Locator Attachments
Complete Dentures with Locator Attachments on a Bar
Complete Dentures with a Milled Bar Attachment
Removable Partial Dentures
Removable Partial Denture with Locator Attachments
Patient consent for Oral Surgery with Insertion of a Denture (Dr. Joe Germain)
Patient consent for Oral Surgery with Insertion of a Denture (Dr. Tony Bae)

Dental Implants

Dental Implant and Surgical Consent (Dr. Joe Germain)
Dental Implant and Denture Consent and Care Package (Dr. Joe Germain)

Please be advised that if you do not see the information you are inquiring about above, feel free to contact our office either by phone or e-mail and we will do our best to assist you and answer all of your questions.